D&D 5E Entertain Your Players For A Single Session With These One-Page Adventures

A book containing 25 colorful, illustrated one-page adventures, each designed for a single session of play with little or no preparation, is now live on Kickstarter!

Need a quick, fun, one-shot adventure in a pinch? No time to prep? You’ve come to the right place! These 25 standalone adventures for D&D 5th Edition are each presented on a single page, and are designed for a single session of game play, collected together in a full-colour softcover booklet!

  • A gnome farmer infects a village's water supply with a love potion!
  • A noble's daughter is kidnapped and her latent ice magic spreads winter across the land!
  • Festive presents stolen by a tribe of goblins must be recovered!
  • Undead dinosaurs in a sunken city seek to reclaim their lost lands!
  • Kobolds find a crashed airship and realize their dream of flying!
  • A terrible disease for which the only cure is deadly dragonbreath!
There's even a one-page adventure which is best described as Die Hard on a Sailing Ship!


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Another Kickstarter that you get the pdf at the end and not have to wait months....win win! Even the book is estimated in March. I know not all publishers can do this but man I enjoy this style over waiting a year for the book to get made/ready.

I know 25 or so pages isn’t like a 256 page book for creation time and printing but quicker reward level delivery is a plus for any Kickstarter.

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