WOIN EONS #210. Future Gear: Adderley's Apparel


Well, that was fun
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Couture reaches its pinnacle with this latest line of hi-tech attire from legendary fashion genius Adderley, whose designs are sought across the galaxy! Perfect for both the highest echelons of society and the hippest streets, everyone whoʼs anyone will be wearing something from this new wave of stunning designs. This collection is already a best-seller on countless planets! These hi-tech trinkets provide adventurers with fantastic cosmetic enhancements that with some clever application can give them a small functional advantage.


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I appreciated this one, especially in future settings I'm often looking for the cool gear that non-adventurers use.

however I did find that several of these items came across with a more "magic" feel than a hi-tech. Sufficiently advanced and all, I know but it's about feel. and especially a necklace of gems that give a one time use bonus to CHA really feels more like magic.


Just a tourist passing your way...
I understand your feelings about that; however, only thought I've got about it is

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
Arthur C. Clarke

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