Media Episode 140 – Revenge of the RPG Day - Grumpy Dungeon Masters Podcast

The yearly event of RPG day is upon us once again and the GDM guys spent the day role playing and trying to acquire free swag. Naturally GDM Christopher who lives in civilization managed to obtain goodies while GDM Jay, who lives in the haunted woods managed to snag some lumps of coal.
It wasn’t all for naught however as GDM Jay did get an opportunity to finally play and run Dungeon Crawl Classics and have an awesome time. He fills in GDM Christopher on the shenanigans and compares the 2 different modules and quality of writing.

Also GDM Jay finally was able to back Gloomhaven the RPG as well as GDM Christopher talks about Foundry making their own gaming system for their Virtual Table Top to be introduced in the future.


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