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Media Episode 141 – Return of the Panda: The Revengening

It’s been a bit, but our good buddy Reverend Panda has returned to the show to get caught up on all the latest hub-bub. The guys spend some time chatting with him about the upcoming D&D changes and what’s good or bad about it. Also with the recent release of the Magic the Gathering Lord of the Rings set and the “One Ring” card being found the guys devise an incredible idea of what to do with the card.GDM Jay got ahold of the Wendy’s RPG module and talks about it with the other guys. What’s not to love about a game that lets you play characters that are Order of the Baconator or Order of the Frosty. Makes me hungry thinking about it. Panda also ask GDM Jay to pitch Pathfinder 2E to him. To nobody’s surprise he does so along with Dungeon Crawl Classics. Listen in to find out if Panda was all in or not.

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