DMs Guild (Free) Vault of the Grumpy Sphinx - Grumpy Dungeon Masters Anniversary Module (Free)

Greetings! Grumpy Dungeon Master Christopher here. I want to invite everyone to go out and download my anniversary module right now for free.
This module is celebrating 3 years of Grumpy Dungeon Masters, so it is Pay What You Want, i.e. FREE!
Vault of the Grumpy Sphinx
DMs Guild Cover Art.png

We ran this as a tournament and filled 7 tables of players. We actually had a team complete the module in the 4 hour time limit. It was a great time!

Also for our anniversary, our other modules are discounted down to $1 each.
Our Gold Metal Dread of the Ice Devil and our Christmas One-Shot Everyone's Been Naughty
Both modules come with associate maps and the Christmas module has holiday themed sub-classes.

Visit Zenergy Gamers for all of your gaming needs. Use code word Grumpy for 5% off any order! Follow the Grumpy Dungeon Masters on your favorite social media platform, links below!

Be sure to join us every Saturday at 8pm EST on Twitch for our Live Play D&D session.

As always check out our Podcast:

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