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Pathfinder 1E Escalation die for Pathfinder


Well as mentioned before, if everybody is just standing around holding their clicks, then the Escalation Die doesn't advance a level. Heck I even make the argument that if the PC's intentionally turtle, then the Escalation Die ACTUALLY decreases in value and starts applying a -1 to -6 to the PCs, showing how they are basically letting their guard down or slacking off. Which for an adventurer, especially in a dungeon or lair of a BBEG, is NOT a smart idea.

I also believe or make an argument that the Escalation Die shouldn't just apply to the PCs, but should also APPLY to enemies too. Of course there are degrees to this. For example, a no name minion or jobber gets no Escalation Die bonus. Elite Guards, NPC Anti-Party/Rivals, and such would be the ones that benefit from their own Escalation Die. The Minion Captain/Champion may get a +1 to +2 Escalation Die progression. An Elite Guard enemy may get an Escalation Die bonus that scales from +1 to +3. A Rival character to a pc in the party may get a +1 to +5 Escalation Die scaling bonus. A BBEG or Boss gets a full +1 to +6 Escalation Die progression. Such a BBEG or Boss may also start off with one attack, and then the increasing Escalation Die "unlocks" more of its attacks.
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