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Essential system/edition independent books

Jennell Jaquays has reclaimed the rights to some of her past work. She also offers some new stuff via DriveThruRPG. But yeah, alas, this is not something readily available.

From what I understand, the person formerly known as Paul Jacquacys is still around under a different name. They really should see if they can get their TFG work up at least in PDF. The whole series were excellent... and would be an excellent "fire and forget" dribble of income for the IP owner.

Unfortunately, the only way most will get to read it is via pirate sites, as it currently sits.

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Elminster's Guide to the Forgotten Realms - flavor, culture, background world. Not a rule in the book, IIRC.
D&D 3e Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide is a book of 1001 plot hooks; change the names and locations, plop the idea-kernel in the PCs' path.
World Builder's Guide (D&D 2e?) was inspiring when I read it (stuffed away in closet / garage for a few years now, though). Tables are not tied to any particular ruleset.