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Eureka/Warehouse 13/Alphas Discussion (7/11 spoilers)


First Post
I didn't see a Truth Seeker thread on the Monday night Syfy lineup, so I thought I'd get things going. There be spoilers, so if you haven't watched them yet, stop reading now.


I know not everyone is a fan of the reboot, but I definitely am. The emasculation of a lot of the characters in season three left a really sour taste in my mouth. So any episode that showcases Fargo being competent and qualified makes me happy. I'm glad they wrapped up the "Zane knows something is up" part of his story fairly quickly.

I liked Jack's story a lot for two reasons. First, Jack kind of messed up hitting the abort button. Yes, he did save Fargo and Zane, but he clearly didn't have all the information. Excellent acting on CF's part showing he knows he could have messed up big time and really got lucky Fargo could move the capsule. Second, any romance story on TV that treats adults like adults gets a big thumbs up from me. Jack and Allison had words, talked it over, solved the problem (boundaries) and moved on.

A solid episode all around, even if I can't remember Mrs. Deacon's name at all. That said, the whole wedding story/fake-out was one of the most wacky things I've seen on TV... and I'm a fan of Farscape.

Warehouse 13

Whoever is the casting director for W13 needs a raise, and then another raise. I knew there was a new character coming in to the episode, and I had a little trepidation. Sure, I knew Myka would be back (she's in the title shot). Still, new people can really mess with a show's chemistry. So I was much relieved and fairly surprised how easily Ashmore fell in with the cast and found chemistry there.

The episode itself was a little heavy handed reintroducing characters, but it's the first episode of a new season so I understand that needs to be done. The Prius "ad" was a little blunt - maybe they're using the Chuck method of advertising? The B-story (Zeus/Hera) was completely superfluous, but on a second viewing didn't bug as much. The FBI agent's faux-Southern accent was much more bugging, and I knew she was a bad guy as soon as we started the last scene. Also, why is Leena still on the show?

Seeing HG again was a nice surprise. I hope this isn't her only appearance, as she had a lot of chemistry with the cast. Also, a scene with HG and Jinks would be seven kinds of awesome.


I thought this was pretty solid for a pilot episode. I have a few lingering doubts about a couple of things, but overall I think this went as well as a pilot could. The real test will be if they can keep this level up over the next few weeks. If so, I think Syfy may have a decent hit on its hands.

I think what I appreciated the most was that the episode was a less overtly comedic than Eureka and W13. There were some funny bits, but overall the episode had a more serious tone that was set up well having the lighter shows before it.

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Truth Seeker

I don't mind....was busy at work.:D

Glad to see Eureka back, actually watch Wareshouse 13 for the first time.

Not bad:p

And Alphas was solid, but the film looked dated.

Hand of Evil

Sci-Fi has messed up their shows that I have stopped watching. Maybe they are back on track and I will see if I can catch the repeats.