EURKEA--Reprise #12. Season 4.5/2011

Truth Seeker


Carter's duties expand to babysitting when Allison attends a medical conference, and Fargo finds his groove when a certain song is played. Meanwhile, a rocket scientist appears at Café Diem.

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First Post
I knew there was something wierd about the trip and all the time they spent on it for such a pointless plotline. I was hoping that Beverly would be forgotten about.

Dog Moon

The description is missing all mention of Felicia Day. A travesty!

"A rocket scientist appears"

That's... sort of a mention. :)

I kept waiting for something to happen with that plotline as well. I was expecting the girl to knock out Allison and do something to her... which ironically was closer to the truth than I had realized it would be. But I do agree, Beverly... why does she keep coming back? If they're going to have a reoccurring villain, at least have the villain be someone cool or EEEEVIL. :devil:

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