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I realized recently that I have been neglecting my adopted (made-up) duties of planning events, dances etc. So, I'd like to have some sort of event, and am interested in hearing ideas from you.

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*snuggles Nashie*

So, I would very much like to encourage a ball of some sort. I think we've all browsed over my idea of insanity a little while ago, and it was a little nearer Halloween then. So maybe a bubble party instead? Eh? Water and bubbles. Or a celebration of the elements or something. I'unno, just throwing random stuff out there.


Chaotic Lawkeeper
Do you mean the horror ball you mentioned some time back, Akea?

Elemental may also be fun, and I have come up with an idea for the 'whoever has the most coins" idea you came up with. I can integrate it into this one, or save it for a fall/Halloween event...


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That would be it yep, we can do it whenever. I've had a few people tell me now that they would really like to see an event of any kind happen, using whatever suggestions.

I'd have to agree with Akea! Any event is good for me. I've been meaning to participate in the previous events but sadly time schedules are not in my favor :(

For ideas, well how about something for fall? A mid autumn festival of sorts. Been to one of those celebrations, fun enough. Here's a link for it too :)


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Yes odd sounding I know. Let me explain it. Applumpkin festival happens EVER Autum, around the begining of October. It is a outdoor craft show really that takes over a whole town up here. And many of the crafts are based on the two major things of Autum. Apples and Pumkins!

Now how do I see this working in a ball format? EASY Pumpkins and Apples used to make all the foods and drinks. Heck a hallowed out pumkin with apple juice in it! Pumpkins obviously make great decorations. And the floor could be covered in fall leaves making you feel like you were outside walking on a wooded trail! OH and really BIIIIIGGG Pumkins for the preforming band to sit on and play from!


*coughs lightly*

I declare, that all roleplayers must have a mandatory ball/dance/shindig because I said so...

My idea? Weeeeeell, I say we do something... Oh I don't know... Creative! Exciting! Wondrous!

I say! Screw the Man! Tell him what we can do! I say... lets have a Renaissance Ball! Something for everyone! The only rule, come clothed! (Or very lightly clothed, as long as you have a sash on, its game!)

That's just me, jeje

Infernal Scribe

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Holiday ideas that are forgotten realms setting related

Highharvestide is an annual festival in the Calendar of Harptos, taking place on the first day of Marpenoth (also known as Leaffall). It is traditionally a feast to celebrate the harvest and the abundance of food, but also the time when those wishing to travel leave on their journeys before the winter sets in.
Source: Forgotten Realms core handbook (any edition).


Starfall is a religious holiday of Tymora that occurs on the 22nd of Marpenoth. It is believed by the followers of Tymora to be the date of Tyche’s destruction and Tymora’s birth.
Source: Faith and Avatars (2nd edition)

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