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Character Artist and Illustrator
Greetings, En World! I'm Gabriele, known as Flygohr, a seasoned digital artist specializing in fantasy, sci-fi, and horror. As a Dungeon Master and avid gamer, I intimately understand the needs of both players and DMs.

Quick Look:

Artistic Process:
1. Initial Discussion: Start with a conversation to understand your vision.
2. Sketch & Revision: Collaborative process to perfect the base artwork.
3. Coloring & Shading: Bringing the artwork to life with meticulous detailing.
4. Delivery & Care: Post-delivery support, print offers, and discounts for return clients.

Contact me now:

Excited to bring your characters and worlds to life!

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Character Artist and Illustrator
Quick update, wanted to share an artwork I delivered recently:

It's an Air Genasi Monk I did for a client! Above you can see the various stages of the design process, and here's the final:

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