Experiences with Age of Sigmar Soulbound?


I'm looking for the next system to try with one of my groups, having bounced off 5e and PF2. The group also doesn't want a low power/OSR style game.
Soulbound has come up in some of my research. I've never considered it much because I'm not big on the wargame (or its associated world building).
The system itself sounds ok in theory, but then I just watched an official video from the producer of the game line showing how difficult it is to balance encounters in a very combat-oriented game, and how he uses spreadsheets and basically number crunches every stat for each monster to see how challenging it is.
This looks very annoying, something I've only done in a game like high level Pathfinder 1e when the math starts to break down.
So do you have any experience with Soulbound? Is it as cumbersome as Cubicle7 makes it seem?
Or maybe you have another system to recommend? (My choices are extraordinarily limited, as I'm on VTT only.)

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