Explore Grim and Perilous Worlds in Zweihänder

You chased a thief into a swamp, trekked through trackless forests and bogs, and fought your way out of an ambush set by orx. Just another day as wandering adventurers in Zweihänder the grim and perilous RPG.

Zweihänder is a 668 page hardcover filled with black and white art of grim dark shenanigans. If you want a long-term campaign of dark fantasy set in the world of your choosing that uses d100 roll under, this ruleset is for you. I received a complementary copy to review.

PCs are rat catchers, sellswords, and peasants dealing with Æther Winds magic (tinted with color and chaos of the Abyss) and violent dangerous monsters. Rules cover not just combat and traps but also chases, overland travel, insanity, corruption, world building, and campaign seeds.

In the adventure I ran, the PCs chased a pickpocket. The chase rules created a race of catching up and falling back and obstacles to overcome. They were hired and trekked into the wilds using skills for roles to keep watch and try to avoid getting lost. Along the road, kobolds clashed in battle with the PCs. All of these encounters ran smoothly with the supporting rules clear and easy to understand. In combat, for example, each combatant had three action points to spend each round on attacking, moving, parrying etc. The fight moved quickly and carried real risk.

PCs are well detailed with backgrounds of where they came from and advancement options to take them in new directions. Multiple tools equip a GM to build a world, set it in motion, and see it change as the PCs push and shove their way through it while pursuing their goals. Zweihänder is filled with random tables to flesh out PCs, build adventures, determine weather, generate treasure, and more. It is well suited to long-term play.

I can’t cover all the details included in this massive tome, but one of my favorites are the four included campaign seeds. Each seed includes enemies inside and outside of civilization along with magical dangers and fantastical twists along with several adventure ideas. The seeds are the Thirty Years’ War, Goth Moran Divided, Gangs of Hahabro, and the Lost Colony of Roanoke. Thirty Years and Lost Colony build on historical events and add fantastic additions.

Goth Moran explores a terrifying empire of warring houses and ethnic groups. Savage demonic enemies also press the empire putting more strain on resources and order. Gangs narrows the focus of Goth Moran to one sprawling city and the gangs vying for control. Ruins of older parts of the city lie below. Called the Understair, this lightless warren is home to outcasts, cutthroats, and perhaps more dangerous foes.

A GM could easily take one of those campaign seeds or create one of his own. Once the PCs make characters, the GM could focus in on one location. As the PCs start to make decisions, the various power groups, cults, monsters, and others would slowly start to take notice and react, eventually acting to work with or oppose the PCs when interests clash. Zweihänder arms the GM with an entire chapter to build a campaign and keep it going. A large bestiary and sample adventure rounds out the tools for the GM. Players, meanwhile, will be developing their characters, exploring their world, and making decisions that will direct future events and conflicts.

A dedicated group could explore a campaign for years with the contents of this book. And one campaign would barely scratch the surface of all the options PCs can explore during a campaign. If you favor world building and adventure crafting using a d100 system, then check out Zweihänder.

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Charles Dunwoody

Charles Dunwoody


Not sure if Daniel Fox plans on adding additional adventures, but they provided this:

But, you can easily convert and use most of the previous Warhammer adventures with the serial numbers filed off for Zweihander.

This has a great scenario.


Mad Alfred's is still a great resource for similar rules adventures.

Ohh! It sounds very nice! Do they plan to publish adventures for those of us who have less time and can’t craft them our own?

What jhilahd said. For my playtest I converted part of the adventure out of the Warhammer FRP 1E core rules.

While there are not many adventures, the 15 Zweihänder PDFs are currently on sale for a short while at drivethrurpg for under $40:
Zweihänder bundle
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Is there a reason to get invested in this game over the new WH 4e? Hat would be the selling points for Z?

Warhammer 4E gets you going in the Old World of Warhammer. Nothing is better for playing Warhammer Old World than WFRP.

Zweihander is geared more toward building your own world (you could of course use the Old World if you wanted to). Zweihander also has a broader support than Chaos fantasy.

For example, you can get the krampus for free: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/produc...day-Monster--Zweihander-Grim-and-Perilous-RPG

An upcoming Eastern setting using the Zweihander rules as a base: https://grimandperilous.com/grim-perilous-studios-announces-its-next-game-tetsubo-grim-perilous-rpg/

And eventually Zweihander will have an SRD if you want to write using the rules. https://grimandperilous.com/zweihander-systems-resource-document-srd-is-now-live/

Seems rather like Warhammer FRP 1E with the serial numbers filed down and the Games Workshop Old World setting stripped.

It started that way. Many new things have been added along the way like leveling up in your career (which I believe WFRP 4E allows for as well now) and a variety of weird monsters and settings to name a few.

If I wanted Warhammer Old World I'd use WFRP 1E, 2E, or 4E. If I wanted to build my own world I'd use Zweihander.

And honestly, they work well together, so you can use all the adventures and creatures together and modify as needed if you want.
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Ok, how does it work in reverse for using Zweihander material for warhamster ?

I'm looking at the free Krampus for Zweihander. It is a dark fey spirit so you could use in WH. It has Combat, Parry, and Dodge all as % and a Damage Threshold that could be used as wounds. Some special effects don't translate directly but a GM could wing it or just ignore those that don't match. It also has a grim magic item that it leaves behind.

PCs might hear of kidnapped children and have very little time to Follow Trail and track the Krampus down before it devours its prey. Because it is immune to normal weapons, PCs might have to use light and trickery to win back the kids. Defeating the Krampus might draw the ire of a powerful Chaos creature who in turn sends out a hit on the PCs.

Other creatures could be converted in this way. The adventure could also be converted.

With a bit more work you might decide to swap out Wounds for Damage Threshold. A change to Damage Threshold might also include some of the included magic spells. Or something more simple like using the chase or exploration rules. Or pull out some of the career special abilities and award them to PCs in WH.

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