D&D 5E Exploring Eberron: Now Available!

Eberron creator Keith Baker’s Exploring Eberron, with new races, subclasses, monsters, and tons of setting information is now available in PDF format!

Also, Keith will be on the Morrus’ Unofficial Tabletop RPG Talk podcast in a couple of weeks with a great competition to give away three hardcovers! Be sure to brush up on your Eberron lore!


Discover Uncharted Depths

Join Eberron setting creator Keith Baker in this tour through the lands, oceans, and planes of Eberron. Exploring Eberron presents Keith's vision of Eberron like never before, with fresh lore and rich illustrations to bring the setting to life.

In this book, Keith takes players and Dungeon masters on a thrilling dive into Eberron and its thirteen planes. Encounter the monstrous folk of Droaam, the goblinoid Heirs of Dhakaan, the Mror dwarves and their Realm Below, and the sahuagin and merfolk dwelling beneath the waves. Embrace faiths of altruism, pragmatism, and darkness. Browse Dolurrh's Vault of Memories, seek the Amaranthine Cities of Irian and Mabar, meditate with the Gith monks of Kythri, and much more.

The adventure won't be easy! Mighty friends and foes await - from legendary archfey and proud sahuagin to nightmarish quori and alien daelkyr. Eberron is a world in need of heroes, but take heart: between these pages lie a host of player options for would-be heroes to enjoy. You'll discover new archetypes for the artificer, cleric, druid, monk, and bard. Play unique Eberron races and subraces including gnolls, Dhakaani goblinoids, aasimar of diverse faiths, and ruinbound dwarves. Uncover a wealth of magic items from around the world, bear symbionts that bond with your very flesh, wield dragonmark focus items - perhaps even manifest a Siberys dragonmark of immense power.

New FAQ by Keith on his blog

Q: What is Exploring Eberron?

A: Exploring Eberron (ExE) is a 248 page book written by Keith Baker stuffed with new lore, giving depth to topics such as the dwarves of the Mror Holds and the 13 planes.

Q: Where will ExE be sold? What formats? When will it be available?

A: ExE is available exclusively on the dmsguild in hardcover and pdf

Q: Will ExE be available on DnDBeyond?

A: Without the intervention of Wizards of the Coast, the dmsguild has the sole licensing rights to third party Eberron content. If you're upset about this, tweet at them

Q: Did I miss out on a kickstarter or something? Are there preorders?

A: The dmsguild does not allow kickstarted products nor does it have the infrastructure for preorders.

Q: Didn't I hear about this book months ago? What happened?

A: Uh, life happened. Exploring Eberron ran into a variety of production issues, as detailed here and here. A combination of personal issues in Keith's life, prioritizing more urgent projects like the Adventure Zone card game, and COVID have delayed the book significantly.

Q: What's in the book?

A: You can check out the table of contents, a scroll-through preview by Sly Flourish, and a variety of previews from the book's production. The first 200 pages are dedicated almost exclusively to new lore, then chapters 6, 7, and 8 provide new mechanical content for both players and DMs.

Q: There's mechanical content? Is it balanced?

A: The production team has had an extensive team of playtesters review the material on a variety of metrics, including balance.

If you want to know more about Eberron, please check out /r/Eberron, the discord, Keith's blog, and the Manifest Zone podcast. There's even a brand new episode dedicated to the book!


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All Things Lich
Dungeon Mapster of None
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Crown-Forester (he/him)
Same here, I've had a lot of trouble navigating Hellcow's blog; thanks for the share, ChaosOS!

Thank you for that amazing post Marandahir. I didn’t realize how much things had shifted over time.

You're welcome! I remember my pleasant surprise with them come 4e Eberron, but generally growing confused on the role of Eladrin and Gnomes in Eberron as the setting tried to accommodate the core rules, rather than just be different and unique. It was a flaw of 4e design intentions (likely related to everything is core), but it wasn't a problem with 4e as a game itself, just the choices WotC was making at the time, IMHO.

And ultimately for Eberron, I like the conflicting lore. I just want to know as a DM that there's conflicting lore before I dive into it. I'm purposefully choosing to leave things conflicted, even for my sake, in some cases, because to have an answer can sometimes ruin the magic. But I still want to know that I'm making that choice rather than stumbling into it blindly, because that allows me to seed the lore conflict in the narrative and draw players into those same questions that don't need to be answered but are worth posing.
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Quote from Keith on the gnome backstory back in October (from the Discord)

I've also run with the idea that the gnomes of Pylas Pyrial came from Eberron originally. I think what I suggested was that it was a two-way street: gnomes began on Eberron; passed into Thelanis through Pylas Pyrial (and manifest zones); but that over time, some chose to return to Eberron, bringing Thelanian magic and traditions. So the Zil have some Thelanian traits deep in their foundation, but they aren't originally natives of Thelanis.


Crown-Forester (he/him)
Quote from Keith on the gnome backstory back in October (from the Discord)

There's a Discord too!!!? :love:

Also, that's a great take on it. And it reminds me of the 5e take on FR Eladrin - they're not from the Feywild originally, but have become deeply associated with it so much that they became Fey.


Follow up article that was actually pretty interesting (I'm not a huge conlang guy)



Keith clarifies how he sees the Order of the Emerald Claw



I love this stuff. It's great seeing the creator's perspective and vision.

Being a Greyhawk fan, also, I wish that Gygax had had the opputunity and be allowed to do this with Greyhawk


There are 83 votes and reviews of the book on DMs guild and all are 5 stars with no exception. I loved Eberron from the start and wonder, how long it takes for the book to arrive in germany ;) And yes, I do read in the pdf as well and I am very happy with the stuff I read there so far. It will be a tough race between the official book in german(sometime in september) and the original book from Keith. Much to read, I guess. And after that I will harass my players with lore :giggle:

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