Fantasy Grounds Unity Kickstarter Has Launched

Fans of Fantasy Grounds, the virtual tabletop (VTT) software platform, will be interested to hear that a Kickstarter for a new version has been launched, featuring dynamic lighting, advanced fog of war, tole-based map building, and some technical computer things.


Fantasy Grounds launched in 2004, and was one of the earliest VTTs, and was the first to get a Dungeons & Dragons license. It also has modules for other games, including Pathfinder, Savage Worlds, WOIN, Call of Cthulhu, Traveller, Mutants & Masterminds, and more. The new version uses something called a Unity, which sounds exciting.

It launched yesterday, has made over $150K already, and has about a month to run. For $15-$30 you can upgrade from the old version (price dependent on how long ago you originally got it) and for $35 you get the new version during its Beta run.

There's a bunch of video demos on the Kickstarter page which are worth checking out.

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The current version is excellent but is getting aged in the graphics and networking part of the program. This new version brings all the automation and power of the current version and upgrades the graphics to add many of the tools you need for “on the fly” play plus makes connecting and playing much easier. And all at a decent discount.


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I generally avoid backing software projects on Kickstarter as they are the most likely to experience delays and failures but SmiteWorks is an established company. I'll definitely be following this project.


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I thought they said dynamic lighting and fog of war was "in the works" years ago? Both are already a part of Roll20 and have been for years. Why can't they afford to develop this using their ordinary income source from Fantasy Grounds?

In fact, if Tile Based Map Building is what I think it is, Roll20 has had that from day one and for free! [Edit - I just watched their video on Tile Based Map Building and yes, I was doing just that with Roll20 for free all the way back to the 5e beta]
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It's been so long now......I have my doubts. Also, I just want modern technology (if I go back to using a computer) that allows me to use two monitors, among other things......It all looks kind of cool, but will it be easier to learn and use? Will it ever actually come out? I gave up my license, but I think I still own the licenses to the books I got, which I think means I can use them with this new system?

To answer mistwell, I think this is mostly a push for new users, think of it as marketing......


While lightning/FOW, tile building, and integrated voice chat are currently the few differentiators for roll20 over Fantasy Grounds, as someone experienced with both, in my opinion FG greatly outpaces roll20 in every other aspect. If Unity is able to add these missing features, our VTT of choice will be a no brainer, especially once you account for the cost. It’ll be like comparing Notepad to Microsoft Word.

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