Fantasy "The Boys" for SWADE


I am bumping this now because the con registration has opened and the event is already full -- so it is time to start the serious design and playtesting prior to the con.

First thing's first: settle on the three Champions to get the axe over the course of the Con.

Ideas include:
The shining knight who is really a total psycho aka the Homelander alt. I think this one will have a heavily guarded secret weakness ie kryptonite.
The corrupt sorcerer who, in idleness, has turned to engaging in the most unnatural of magical sciences. This one is going to require disrupting a ritual perhaps?
A near-Monstrosity Hulk style super Champion that openly indulges themself but is very popular with a certain subset of the population. Maybe this one can be tricked into fighting another Champion in hopes of killing them both?
The master assassin that has turned to serial killing as a way to pass the time. probably invisible or ethereal or made of shadow or something. Feels like this one needs a specific weapon to kill.
The healer who has formed their own cult and the Church would really like to take down. Maybe this one isn't even actually bad?

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