"The Boys meets The Black Company" System Recommendations


I wish it wasn't ridiculously expensive now, but the Green Ronin "Black Company" for d20 had everything from the company to the taken to Lady.

Haven't seen it anywhere but it's forum here, but does Eternity Press's 3.5 Epic and Immortal level offer anything?
I'm not actually running it in the Black Company setting, just taking inspiration from it.

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To chime in on the Reckoners (which I have read all 3 in the series and enjoyed), in the story the effectiveness of the non-supers still largely hinges on the narrative conceit that every superhero has a hidden weakness that can potentially be activated and exploited. In my mind that general hingepoint applies regardless of system, or as @Grendel_Khan mentioned above, it doesn't matter what dice you roll, the non-supers are still just dead folks under a smashed car when Homelander arrives.
I enjoyed the first one, but I found the sequels too "Young Adult" for my taste - there was nothing about them I can specifically criticise, and they did a good job of fleshing out the setting, but they seemed to lack a certain something ("bite"? "weight"?) that I can't really articulate.

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