4E Fatesinger Question

So, this Bard-only Epic Destiny has the Level 21 Class Feature: Destiny Fulfilled. When allows me to spend an Action Point in order to give an ally within 20sqs a free attack, rather than taking an extra action myself. Plus I gain the action point back if they hit! (Though I don't think this is too useful unless your a War Chanter, so you can use more than 1 Action Point per encounter). However... there is an important question I need to ask.

Pretty much every Paragon Path has a feature that actives when I spend an action point to take an extra action, and there are several Epic Feats that are considered crucial at this stage that active when I spend AP to gain an extra Action. Martial Mastery and Divine Mastery, if I'm multiclassing or hybriding, or even Precisent Resurgence as a Preciscent Bard. Letting me use my Viture more than 1 per encounter, very strong indeed!

But, Fatesinger makes me want to use my Action Point to give my allies extra actions, not myself... so, am I right in thinking that if I use Destiny Fulfilled, I don't get to take advantage of my Paragon Path feature, or Precisent Resurgence, because I used the action point to not give myself an extra action?