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D&D 5E Favorite 5e OGL Products

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Limit Break Dancing (He/They)
I'll echo @carmachu: the Original Adventures Reincarnated series, from Goodman Games, is one of the highest quality OSR products out there. I'm running The Isle of Dread right now, in 5E... but I really appreciate how they include both the conversion and the original module (both versions, even...orange cover and the blue cover) for back-checking and overview.

I'm also a huge fan of "The Seas if Vodari" campaign setting, by Tribality Games. It's a really vibrant nautical campaign setting, with some pretty great rules expansions for races, subclasses, equipment, and naval combat.

Micah Sweet

Level Up & OSR Enthusiast
Level Up (all), many products from Mage Hand Press (especially Dark Matter), AiME, many OSR games (especially DCC and ACKS). I didn't realize that the ...Without Number games weren't OGL, but if I'm wrong about that then they're on the list too.


5e OGL? Would this be non DMs Guild products?
Correct. DM's Guild are not under the OGL, they have a separate license. My understanding is they can use certain D&D IP like specific official setting stuff and art in their products in return for 50% of all revenue, exclusive selling on DM's Guild, and the license is subject to revocation and change by WotC.

OGL stuff allows for the free use of a lot of core D&D rules and monsters and magic items and such but not specific setting stuff or non-core 5e WotC expansion things. So a lot of third party settings, monsters, player stuff, and adventures can be published under the OGL.

You can find a lot of 5e OGL things on DrivethruRPG. Rule system can be filtered by a category on the left. Most everything non-WotC 5e there is OGL. Filtering for the 5e compatible tag I currently get over 8,000 PDFs including things like the Hellboy RPG, stuff from Kobold Press, Green Ronin, and a ton of others. Currently.

Greg K

I have not run 5e (There were plans for me to do so onlne , but I got COVID). Most third party material that I have and planned to use were from ENWorld's forum, Reddit/Unearthed Arcana, GM Binder, DMsGuild, and some websites- nothing I think are OGL without checking some of the non-DMsGuild. However, I do have several OGL products I want to buy, but only bought some Fat Goblin things that were on sale. What I bought looks pretty good- especially both Horror and Simple Settings: Fairy Tales.


The Dungeon Dudes over on Twitter are asking followers to share some of their fave third party books. Can be an interesting read to see opinion on social media.



More votes for the Monster Manual Expanded trilogy by @Nixlord and the Goodman Games Original Adventure Reincarnated series (my favorite is Lost City, Castle Amber in 2nd place).

I'm also a fan of Legendary Game's various monster books, and of course the various Tome of Beasts books by Kobold Press. (What can I say, I'm a Fiendish Monster Collector).

Campaign Guide Zakhara - Adventures in the Land of Fate is another I would also recommend, a lot of work has been put into it. And while more whimsical, I also like Humblewood and Animal Adventures.

Finally, my wife greatly enjoys Spectacular Settlements by Nord Games. She's used it to build, flesh out and think more about the various settlements in her homebrew campaign world.

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