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Most of MCDM’s creative output. Arcadia is an amazing magazine with creative, incredibly usable articles. Kingdoms and Warfare is a great book for monsters, ideas for domain play, and it has a really fun warfare game attached. The Illrigger and the Beastheart are incredibly fun classes. Flee Mortals had the best monster design I’ve seen in 5E, based on the playtest materials they’ve shown backers so far.

Mage Hand Press’ classes in Valda’s Spire of Secrets are well balanced and incredibly evocative, opening up character concepts and gameplay styles not found in baseline 5E.

Sly Flourish’s adventures have the best layout I’ve seen for usability at the table. Fantastic Adventures as an example of the process combined with the Lazy DM line of books was transformative to my DMing.

While my table didn’t like all the extra doodads of Level Up, the Monstrous Menagerie is an incredible resource for monsters.

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1. Level Up from EnWorld is my fave. Best Humans I've ever seen.
2. Midgard (various products) from Kobold Press
3. Ptolus 5e from Monte Cook Games
4. Cthulu Mythos from Sandy Petersen Games

OGL but not 5e:
5. Calidar setting from Calidar Publishing

OG (not OGL, just OG)
6. Harn from Columbia Games

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