Favorite BBEG


What is your favorite BBEG villain you have used or faced in a TTRPG campaign? What made them so memorable and fun to play or fight?

For me, my favorite must be The Great Beast of the Earth -- one of those city sized dragons that heralds an apocalypse and new age. The campaign was set in the aftermath of the last time the GBotE rose and crushes civilization, and over the course of months of play (this was in AD&D 2E) they discovered the gods were rousing from their sleep because the GBotE was prophesized to come. The PCs ended up accidentally being the ones to wake the GBotE during an exploration of The Evermines -- a megadungeon descending to the gate of the Hells itself because they were chasing a different cillain. Anyway, they fled when the thing stirred in the lava lake and just thought it was one of those scary dungeon encounters meant to make you run and didn't really think of it again (they had more pressing concerns). Not long after, though, the mountain where the Evermines were located exploded and the GBotE emerged. Being the father of all evil dragons, it called out to them and brought them to itself. The Evermines were in fact a mine, and the GBotE considered every scrap of gold mined from there stolen from its hoard. So it sent all the lesser dragons out to collect every coin or piece of jewelry or whatever made from gold from the mines. Of course the PCs finally defeated the GBotE with the help of the gods and avoided another "reset". That was one fo three linked campaigns in that world -- the second was the following generation of heroes using 3.x, and the third was set in the modern day after magic re-emerged in the world creating a super hero universe using M&M. Through all of those, even though the GBotE never came back, it always loomed large in the background. it was awesome.

What's your favorite BBEG?

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Omega, Lord of the Terminus, from Mutants and Masterminds' Freedom City setting. My biggest regret is that I didn't get to show the players what it's like to fight the Champion of Entropy when he's uninjured and on his home territory.


God Vecna or Lich Vecna?
Yes and yes.

In the default 4e D&D cosmology Vecna is an arch-lich and the god of secrets and undeath. The invoker PC has Vecna as one of his patron gods (and as a result the Sword of Kas regards him as an enemy), though at key moments has often worked against Vecna's interests.

In my RM game he was a lich, I think (going from memory). But not a god. The PCs woke him up in a pyramid in the Sea of Dust. One PC became his chief henchman, while some of the others tried to stop him.

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