D&D 5E Favourite DnD Setting


As per the title, what is your favourite setting?

Firstly I want to restrict to 5e settings.
Then open it up to include other versions too, that you have included in your 5e games.

Which settings do you like the most?

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Small God of the Dozens
My top settings are.

1. Forgotten Realms
2. Planescape
3. A tie between Spelljammer and Dark Sun
QFT, but I have SJ firmly at 3 and DS firmly at 4. In terms of settings I'd want to use now? Planescape/Spelljammer (in a portmanteau) and then DS. I have no real use for a kitchen sink fantasy setting for D&D at this point, as much as I love and have played many, many hours in the Realms.


What about some of the newer settings?
My problem with newer settings is that since they don't hit my nostalgia button they need to have some hook that gets me into them that would make me think of them as something to use rather than using one of the many homebrew setting ideas I have in a Google doc that I'd like to use or the backlog of existing settings that do hit my nostalgia button. There's just too much competition in my headspace for settings for a new settings to make its way in unless it's got a cool hook or its something I could use with one of the other settings I want to use.

I am looking forward to the Radiant Citadel though - it looks like it might have both of those things from what they've shown us so far.


Okay so let's throw caution to the winds here.

What about all the other settings, Farland, Aetaltis, Grim Hollow, various Cyberpunk settings, Kisarta, Fateforged, Theros, Arkadia, Eberron, Midgard & Southlands, Nightfell, Esper Genesis, Svilland, Symbaroum, Superhero settings, Wildermount, Tales of Arcana.

Just to name a few.

The published setting is not to important to me. It's more about the campaign and the people around the table.
I run most everything in the Forgotten Realms. Not because it is the best or my favorite. But because it is convenient.
Greyhawk and Darksun both hold very dear places for me. But I haven't played them in decades and they are not 5E settings.
Eberron, no, not a favorite.
Dragon Lance? No, I dislike this one. Too many holes and just parts I do not in the original setting. We will see what they do with it in 5E. But, given my disdain for it, I will probably never get into it.
Theros is intriguing, and probably where I run my next fantasy campaign.

Greyhawk, but Boxed Set/Folio only, plus some adventures. Everything after Gygax left is pretty much trash, although I might selectively steal nuggets. Ghosts of Saltmarsh fits within this time frame.

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