5E Feature: Position of Privilege in the noble background.

so how do you handle the Feature: Position of Privilege in the noble background.

will a lets say a human from the Dessert land fare to the south be as reconniced and aceptet all the way in the land to the North ? or will he be aceptet and have all ears and so on in his own land region ?

Thanks in advanced for all you guidlines


Magic Wordsmith
Though there may be exceptions from time to time that I will telegraph accordingly, a PC noble will generally be welcome in high society, get special treatment by common folk, and secure an audience in my games.


A: Give it time.
B: You tend to get more responses when you take the time to put effort into grammar and spelling. I'm not saying it has to be perfect, but a little effort goes a long way.
C: As a DM, it would be a bit situational. In your PC's home area, you get all the benefits, generally. If you traveled to a different world, you might - or might not - know how to carry yourself to gain the advantages depending upon how alien the culture was. However, even in a different culture, I'd let you figure out how to gain the advantages over time.


Noble PC's have papers and documents and whatnot that prove who they are. Usually, nobility of one country has relationships with nobility of other countries, even distant ones. Oftentimes, if someone comes with the baring of nobility, claims to be nobility from a distant land and has papers proving his nobility, and wants an audience with the nobility of the current land, the lords of this land will grant him an audience because to not do so would be to possibly insult the distant nobles, thus damaging potentially profitable relationships. All nobility tend to "play the game", as it were, and they all typically know the rules. And rule number one is you don't insult a fellow noble unless you have cause.


Any sort of privilege is situational, a character could be incognito or in a place where no one cares. How is a noble to be recognized if he is wearing a head to toe cloak? If approaching a castle having his pennons flying and a herald to make announcements to be recognized is a courtesy.

Expecting or demanding privilege to be recognized can result in danger. It is bad enough to be on a pirate/slaver ship, does Princess Lily want to make things worse for herself by letting everyone know who she is?


Nobles from around the world recognize each others' elite status as a way to distinguish themselves from the lower classes. A foreign noble is thus a better dinner guest, and marriage prospect, than some nouveau riche adventurer who comes from common stock.