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FEVER DREAM NEXUS is a surrealist role-playing game set in the evershifting dreamscape of the Nexus— the place between sleep and wake. Play as a Sleepwalker and roam the six plates to solve crimes, protect the innocent, duel in bloody clashes, sate your shadow, and unleash your ego to mold the dream with your signature Track— your soul's true form realized as song.


The mechanics put a focus on player creativity with open ended abilities rather than bogging down gameplay with complicated character sheets and obtuse rules. With a minimalist OSR-inspired ruleset using a 2d6 resolution system and three core stats, the game is designed to keep your games engaging and the table moving.


Sleepwalkers are brought to life by three unique layers, each with their own d66 table: an exotic Culture of the Nexus, a messy Background career, and their very own Shadow, a traumatic remnant from a terrible past that shapes them as the bright day turns to grim night.


Within the (estimated) 200 pages of FEVER DREAM NEXUS You can find...

  • Rules for creating a Sleepwalker composed of a d66 table of Cultures each with trippy illustrations across two-page spreads, d66 Background careers, and a d66 table of horrible Shadows to build your very own traumatized human disaster.
  • Innovative Shadows revealing your broken past, personality, and your own unique unconscious method of coping with total despair when all seems lost.
  • d666 Table of Tracks inspired by a variety of familiar music, each using minimal mechanics and numbers to encourage out of this world scenes at the table.
  • Simple mechanics to inspire ingenuity. Violence is bloody, avoid at all costs. Play smart, and use only your Track and wits to overcome obstacles. Play careless, and destabilize the Dream itself to cheat the odds at the risk of lasting changes to the Nexus, or even free your Shadow as a desperate last resort. Your path is up to you.
  • The gigantic Nexus itself, featuring six plates of surreal regions each peppered with tables of prismatic flora, dream-like fauna, and odd folks to get tangled up with.
  • Several detailed cities each with its own soul, citizens, and unique encounter tables ready to cause endless troubles for your Sleepwalkers.
  • d66 Table of bizarre substances unique to the Nexus, pawned by odd merchants or flowered in nature itself, all strong enough to reshape your Sleepwalker for good or bad through spiraling trips into the wild depths of their unconscious mind.
  • Vaults of eccentric lore full of unhinged dynasties, plates beyond our understanding, indescribably evil Angels, and the Dream itself. All in colorful detail.

FEVER DREAM NEXUS is inspired by the ability-driven, inventive fights of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, the shifting chaotic ideals and blubbering inner turmoil of Disco Elysium, and the wild player-driven epics of blade and sand in Kenshi.

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