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5E Fiddler's Lament Question for the Carrion Crown AP Plug In


This will include some spoiler elements about the plots.

So in Fiddler's Lament it is a plug in adventure by Legendary Games for Paizo's Carrion Crown Gothic Horror Adventure Path for Pathfinder from 2012.

I have been running the adventure path using an online 5e conversion and I used both the 5e Fiddler's Lament and Murmuring Fountain 5e plug in adventures.

They are designed to plug into the AP and the Fountain does so well with story elements tying directly into NPCs and plot elements in the AP. In Fiddler's lament there are elements that plug in well, (the dog and kids scene, the general store, the council member) but two big elements do not seem to do so. The elven woman and the hoofed fiddler.

How is the woman and the fiddler supposed to tie in to the AP?

Is the Fiddler the Phantom Lover from Ravenloft or some other reference? From how it is written it seems to be a reference but I am not sure what it is to.

How have people integrated the woman and the fiddler into their games?

In mine I swapped a deputy from the town for the woman and the Piper for the Fiddler. At one point the party were at a town center gazebo and there was a little open air concert going on which I had as an opportunity for the Piper to reach out and possess the fiddling deputy to summon the stirges. The party fought them and figured out the music connection and the party archer shot through the fiddle strings to stop him from continuing to summon stirges.

Later when they fought and defeated the Piper he gave them a death curse which I used as the Fiddler's Zombie Apocalypse cue complete with zombie Professor and the party scattered everywhere across town. It culminated with repossessed deputy atop a graveyard crypt fiddling up skeletons each round and worked well overall particularly with the Piper's themes I had built up of taking control of people and magical necromancy.

I am interested in hearing how other people handled this and what they thought was intended.

(I posted this in the Pathfinder forum here as well as it is a pathfinder adventure path, but I figured I'd cross post here in case anyone is also using the 5e versions.)

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