D&D General What is the last OGL adventure you DM'd or played in?


Hmmm. Have to say it was the Rise of the Runelords - Skinsaw Murders, back when PF1 came out. Party got trounced by the BBEG at the end of that module (Major Image + Suggestion + Charm Monster at will, all at DC 20 did them in). Looks like that was back in 2007.

Though, I've run a lot of non-D&D games (some OGL) between then until 5E came out. But since 5E, it's either been official adventures or homebrew stuff. I love 3rd party products, but not 3rd party adventures.

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I’ve dropped a few in my Candlekeep campaign.

The tarasque Task of Moreen Trask was an absolute blast. Get eaten by the Tarasque and the kill it from the inside.

Riddle of the Raven Queen was also a ton of fun.


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EN Publishing's Memories of Holdenshire.

I've also run a bunch of OGL stuff by Dan Coleman and Arcane Library (Kelsey Dionne), and I have played in one of Dungeon Crawl Classic's 0-level funnels which was great. I'll be running one of MT Black's OGL adventures next month.


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Cool, great to hear! And yes, the OAR products are fantastic. I've not run any yet but I own all but Castle Amber and am anxiously awaiting The Dark Tower when it is released.

DCC is interesting. I playtested it a few times back in the day, (Harley Stroh is an AMAZING DM as one would expect) and if I have one issue with it, the magic system is a little too swingy. Pre-covid, a buddy ran a large group of us through one of the Against the Giant modules, G-2 if I recall, maybe G-3, but he ran it with the DCC rules. Halfway through the module, one of our mages cast Sleep and rolled so high, it put everything to sleep on multiple levels which made things a bit anti-climactic.

Overall I think Goodman Games makes outstanding products, and their DCC "0-level funnels" are a blast, it is just that the mercurial magic is exactly that.

Someone just started a "Let's Read" thread of the DCC Core Rules over at RPG.net forums.


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