WotC What is the last WotC adventure you played in or DM'd?

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Last WotC adventure I ran was probably Red Hand of Doom, many years ago (unless I am forgetting something). I have run some TSR adventures more recently, the most recent of which was the Sea Devils trilogy.

Last WotC adventure I've played in was Out of the Abyss.

Not sure about the one before that - might even be the Forge of Fury (the 3.0 edition version, not long after it came out).


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Never. I’ve never ran any published adventure. Closest I’ve come was using the essentials box as a resource kit to run games at the library for kids.

But I take stuff from adventures all the time to use in my game.


Currently running The Spelljammer adventure Light of Xaryxis for my regular group - about 70% through it. They are having a blast and we might continue with Spelljammer after.


Last one I DMed was Wild Beyond the Witchlight. I didn't think it was great. DnD is 85% rules for fighting and in making a mostly non-fighty adventure, all the way through it felt like we should be using a different ruleset to play the adventure - Call of Cthulhu or something! :lol:

Last WotC adventure I played was, I think, Descent into Avernus. The module had its problems, and I don't think it really sold the whole Mad Max in Hell fantasy all that well, but had a fun time fightin' devils and shootin' scumbags in the neck.

The last WoTC adventure I played in was Baldur's Gate: Descent Into Avernus. It took us a year and a half to complete. ;) We just started playing in Hoard of the Dragon Queen this month. Both of them on the Virtual Tabletop. I am currently playing as a Bugbear Ranger using the optional rules from Tasha's Cauldron of Everything. :)

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