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D&D General What is the last OGL adventure you DM'd or played in?


I mostly DM modules and I find that over the last two decades I have mostly used OGL ones. I am currently running the pathfinder Iron Gods adventure path converted to 5e, and before that I was running the Pathfinder Carrion Crown AP converted to 5e including Legendary Games' 5e Fiddler's Lament and Murmuring Fountain supplemental modules. Before that in Pathfinder I ran the Reign of Winter Adventure Path and the Freeport Trilogy plus a bunch of one off OGL modules. I use WotC's 5e game, but I mostly use OGL modules.

The last one I know I played in was a while ago in 3.5 Goodman Games' Dugeon Crawl Classics Saga of the Dragon Cult. My face to face group that normally homebrews adventures, I know that once one of them used one 3rd party short adventure in 5e, but I don't know the name or whether it was OGL or DM's Guild. A short water temple thing.

The first adventure I played in 3.0 was the Banewarrens which my group had a great time playing through.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the OGL stuff I have run. The sci-fi mashup of Iron Gods, the Gothic Horror of Carrion Crown, the dark fairy tale Baba Yaga saga of Reign of Winter, and the Pirate Cthulhu investigation of Freeport.

What were the last OGL modules that you DM'd or played in? Any standouts in your memory?

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I am currently DMing the megadungeon BarrowMaze. After 12 sessions the group has only explored 10% of this dungeon. I use the Labyrinth Lord version rather than the 5E version because it is closer to what I'm running which is AD&D 1e.
This level of dungeon delving was something we used to do many years ago and is departure from the sort of role-playing games we usually play now.

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Tower of the black pearl by Harley Stroh, published in Goodman games' dungeon crawl classics #29: The adventure begins.

Nice adventure that I have run several times as one-shot. Skipping the upper level though as I found it a bit cheesy. The antology is great with a lot of varied starter dungeons.


I tend use my own stuff or heavily modify modules when I run them, so take this with a grain. But I lifted big chunks of Tales of Old Margreve from KP for my 2nd-to-last campaign and loved it. I wished I could have used more of it but it would have conflicted too much with stuff I had already introduced.

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