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Fifth Edition Foes Monster Book

The PDF's out? How cool!


EN World member DM_Jeff backed the Kickstarter of Frog God Games / Necromancer Games Fifth Edition Foes monster book. "I also just got the PDF download and am pouring through it. Anyone wanting all the monsters from 1st edition Monster Manual 2 and Fiend Folio, wonder no more. Developed by TSR alum Steve Winter (same fellow who is the co-designer of Hoard of the Dragon Queen) it's got just shy of 300 new (old) beasties for 5e. It was a real pleasure opening this sucker up and seeing that they went with filling in all the old favorites instead of making up entirely new creatures. Any questions ask away."




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I'm downloading mine too! Very excited, I did not expect this, it's like Christmas. The spellbook and adventure book should be coming soon too.


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Interesting...I backed the project but haven't received a download link. By off chance, do you know if there was a rolling release or something?

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