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5E Fight in fog


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Hello there !

I need some advices. I want to make an "original" begining for a new campaign that I will organise pretty soon. I want to make my players fight on a boat. But, I want to put some fog during the fight... But I don't really know how to set up what I want to do. And I don't want it to be frustrating.

It will be on Roll20 and I think using a map for this encounter is not a good idea, since they could easily know where are the other players, NPCs and stuff. So I want them to be organised... If they aren't, I want them to be like... "Blind", barely able to see at 1,5 meters. (3feet / one square / whatever you want)
Why ? Beacuse I think it could be fun to see them have to check if their target is friendly or not, and have to be close to them before shooting or... take a bet and maybe hit an other PC or a friendly NPC. (Cause yes, there will be some NPC who can't fight because they're mainly merchant etc...)

What do you think about it ? Is this a good idea, a really bad idea ?

The fight is not supposed to be hard in any way, cause we never know how PCs can react and... If they're going to shoot at each other for some reason, I don't want them to die in the first teni minutes.

All I want is to set up new things. For experiment and I think it can be fun.

Thank you !

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First Post
Sounds fun.

Base it on the fog cloud spell (with a much greater area of effect) and it'll play out fun.

I would also say, be sure that you let players use gust of wind and the like to ruin your plans.

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