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File sharing Programs


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What programs do you use for "file" sharing?
Generaly I use a morphius clone www.kazaa.com

If you search during the right time of the day you can find all the basic books and even a couple d20 books. I already have all the books of course, but I don't like carrying them all with me to work. Plus it lets be preview stuff that I would otherwise not have access to such as the book of eldritch might. :)

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My opinion is that "giving away free copies" is not "sharing." People who choose to "share" copyrighted RPG materials only end up hurting the RPG industry.


The Laughing One
00, this is not the place for such discussions, on this place it'll only result in flame wars and a lot of shouting. It's because to many people are directly involved in the RPG business and most small D20 companies need every sale they can get.

00, please respect the publishers on this board and don't start a flame war in their backyard...



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My definishion of "sharing"

I understand your disposition toward "sharing", but most people that "share" copies of their books already own the book, its just alot easier to carry a CD than it is a bookshelf.

I recently make a copy of one of my books, it took days of scanning, expensive OCR software and Adobe full. I am still unhappy with the size of the file but I now have an easy way to take that book with me to work. I am planing to do this to every book I own, simply because It makes life easier.

I totally agree that people should pay for their books.

I will refrain from further comments about this subject.

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