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D&D 5E Final 24 Hours [Twilight Fables]

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First and foremost is a huge thank you to every single person who supported this project. An extra thank you to all of you who helped boost the signal and shared this project. I am eternally grateful. :)

What now?

Well, first is to take a breath.

From the beginning, I've approached this Kickstarter a bit differently than most, and that's not going to change. I want to do things to ensure the best quality product. So in the next couple days, before KS actually even deposits the funds, I'm going to send out the links to the digital versions. Yes, I know that means those folks whose payments don't go through will still end up getting a digital version, I'm OK with that. It's usually only about 1% of backers, in my experience where that happens. The benefits will outweigh the risks.

Why am I doing this? Because as I've learned, there's a big difference between having a couple of editors and a dozen people review your book, and having 1000 people look at your book. Things always get missed, even for the big publishers. If I'm waiting until funds get deposited before sending the files to the printers, that gives us about 2 weeks to have you all provide feedback of any type or that got missed to provide feedback and have that corrected. It's easy to correct and update digital files. It's harder to update physical books, especially if they are part of a large print run. Those are final copies.

Finally, whenever someone launches a Kickstarter, we get dozens of emails from folks with other Kickstarters wanting to cross-promote by sending updates to our backers highlighting their project. As a general rule, I avoid this. You all backed this project, and probably don't want emails promoting other non-related projects.

That being said, there is one exception I think is worth it, and I do highly recommend the Sundering project, and it's worth checking out. I don't do recommendations lightly, and I think this is gonna be a great product by a great group of gamers :)



I crit!
Congrats! Thanks for posting here and please let us know how things go. I for one am always interested in how the pizza is made.

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