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D&D 5E Final 24 Hours [Twilight Fables]

Hey, just wanna say, got my PDF and it’s great. The updated higher resolution one is much nicer Zooming in on the art. Fixes some of my thinking these monsters look foggy Thoughts. Still only 46MB. If you can do even higher resolution on the art for 100MB not a bad idea. Any way, just also want to say I love the adventure, I kinda think that’s the part no one buying cared about, but I was intrigued because of the advertised slow burn background campaign fitting any main adventure. It’s a brilliant idea, and with it being fly wild politics works alongside material main campaign. Very surprised I’ve not seen before. LOVE IT. Only skimmed the plot so far, bit dramatic was my initial fear, but introducing the third party dials back world changing Fear I had. Haven’t read all the details but the outline is nice, for me...think I may be able to insert in my Moonshae campaign.

I’m no scholar of monster tactics, but first look at a few shows you put a lot of thought into giving thematic abilities. And, you’ve retained the common name on them so I can look them up easy if I want to develop beyond what you’ve done Or even fight your ideas.

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I have one odd question on the art though. So many monsters are 1/6 or 1/4 the page. When commissioning the art, is the cost dependent on used size? Or do you get an art you can use at any size? Wondering cause some of the monsters are great and could use an expansion. I saw the same thing with the Level Up MM, Why are all the monsters all bound in the corner of the page?

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