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Based on popular demand, the Twilight Fables Kickstarter is now offering an OSR version, and not just the core 5e version. Reward tiers have been updated. We're halfway through the campaign, and on track to meet the $50,000 stretch goal! (with your support)

For a basic pledge, you get a LOT of content in the digital package. Some have even called it a "steal" lol. The best news is that the project is done, so when it funds, you get your rewards right away. Below you'll find a sample of what the converted monster entry looks like. Of course many more images at the project page above.




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Some interesting trending data. Advanced 5e's graph is pretty typical from what I've seen. A huge spike at the start, then the trending amount constantly drawing lower with each day that passes. We know the project ratings of Kicktraq are wonky, only looking at previous days, so projects that have a great day 1 or 2, give projections vastly higher than realistic.

However, I've noticed with Twilight Fables, after that initial bump, we've held pretty stable, which is odd for a KS. There are a couple of observations and things to think about. I fully admit that I'm just guessing as I don't know the actual reason or reasons.

  • Is my initial spike much lower because of advertising, while A5E and other projects had a huge marketing blitz to get followers pre-launch I don't seem to have had that result? (Note: I did spend about $2000 in ads up to one month prior to launch, so I'm not sure if this is the reason)
  • Rather than add stretch goals, I've included add-ons regardless of funding amount. That means that my costs stay in line ratio-wise with pledge amounts, rather than increasing costs from unlocked stretch goals but no increase in individual pledge amounts (see that thread going around re: the mini company that failed to deliver).
  • I've had a stable of ads that rotate with a fresh look every couple of days, including video ads and carousel ads, rather than just a static image.


The Old Crow

My OSR version of Twilight Fables arrived today! I thought I would have to wait a month or two more, but arrived home today to a package on the porch. Gorgeous, gorgeous artwork. I had been eyeing it despite not playing 5e lately, and was so happy when the OSR version was offered. So, so happy to have the book in my hands. Gonna be reading through it tonight.

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