D&D 5E Twilight Fables Launched!

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Are the monsters all Fey or are some beasts/monstrosities/humonoid? I mean I know, I can make them whatever I want, just curious how they are presented?
Sorry, I don't know how I missed this question. A quick peruse seems to be most are monstrosities, with fey being close, and a healthy amount of undead and humanoids.


Congrats! I see you hit 40k, hope you make it to 50!
I actually made a big announcement today :)

Happy Monday!​

It looks like we won't quite meet the $50,000 stretch goal for offset printing, even with an end-of-project bump. I ran some numbers, and have decided to go with offset printing for the core 5e book regardless! I'm really excited to be able to do this. The POD color books look nice and are of good quality. I'm happy with those and no one is getting a substandard book. But the glossy offset printing with silver gilded pages and book ribbon look oh so pretty :) So if you're a digital backer and you're on the fence about getting a physical copy, now is your chance to adjust your reward. I wanted to give this update before the campaign ends so you all have that option.

Naturally, this means there are some shifts in the delivery timeline for the 5e book, and here is an important bit, backers of both 5e hardcover and OSR hardcover or the Creature Card Add-ons will receive two separate shipments. The 5e books will come a bit later, and the Creature cards, OSR books, or other add-ons will come sooner. When you receive your first shipment, don't fear that your 5e book got lost somehow. It didn't. It just takes longer to print and will come to you via a fulfillment center rather than the POD printer itself.

Some Questions:
  • What if I don't want the offset printing and want to get the POD printed version and I'm in the US? Even if you're in the US, if you don't want this offset printed version and want a link to DTRPG where you can print and ship your own at cost, adjust your reward tier to the NON-US version.
  • What about us NON-US backers, do we get this new offset printed version as well? Unfortunately no. The printer is in the US only, and shipping to International addresses would be...well...prohibitively expensive. This update doesn't change anything for Non-US backers. You all will receive a link for at-cost printing and shipping for all rewards since DTRPG has a European printer to mitigate those shipping costs.
  • What is the timeline change? I'll post it in greater detail below, but in summary, Kickstarter takes 2 weeks before they deposit funds (to make sure everything clears). The printer said it takes 4-5 weeks to print, and 4 weeks to ship to the fulfillment center. From there, they start working on shipping to customers. In a nutshell, you're looking at 3 months or so from now.

Some more detail:
Aoi Si: Backers will receive a link to DTRPG where they can download a .zip file containing all of the digital files. Estimated date: 1st week of Sept. NOTE: All backers of a tier that includes a digital package for both OSR and 5e will be included in this time frame for digital rewards.

Royal Guard 5e (Non-US): You shall receive a discount link to DTRPG to get a book printed at-cost plus shipping. Files have been uploaded to the printer, just waiting for approvals, then I need to order my proof and approve. Estimated delivery date: mid-Sept. Here are the current print costs you should expect as of 8/15/2022. Shipping will vary:
US: $24.97, UK: $18.27

For those asking if premium color is an option, it is not. The costs were too high. But no worries, the standard color looks great too! (based on the proof copies I’ve already received):
US: $54.72, UK: $36.12

Royal Guard OSR (Non-US): This is the same as above.

Jormungandr (Non-US): This is the same as above.

Royal Guard 5e (US): The 5e physical book will be printed with an offset printer and then shipped from a fulfillment center. Timeline: Mid to Late-November

Royal Guard OSR (US): The OSR book will not be printed at the offset printer, and will start going out by early to md Sept.

Jormungandr (US): You will receive two separate shipments. This is important to remember, so when you get the first shipment, it doesn’t mean you won’t be getting the 5e hardcover; it’s just coming later. OSR hardcover is coming mid-Sept, while 5e book is mid to late-November

Seelie Court (US): Your retail shipment will arrive approximately mid to late-November.

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