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D&D 5E Twilight Fables Launched!


The stories and fables told to our parents, grandparents, and ancestors about creatures that went bump in the night were not all fun and had happy endings. They were dark, disturbing, and deadly. Much more Brothers Grimm and less Disney.

Twilight Fables brings that original folklore into your 5e game! More than 200 creatures, dozens of magical artifacts from mythology, living in the Fey Realm, lots of player character options, a campaign, and more!

Today is launch day, so don't miss out! All digital backers and higher get a digital package that not only includes the pdf, but a printer friendly version, an RTF version for ease of cut and paste, tokens&markdown files for your VTT, and a package of creature images for you to use!

You can sign up here!





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Your funding goal is only $5000. Did you get all this fantastic art for under $5000!?
I was wondering when someone would call me out on that :) Call me crazy, but I'm doing an experiment with this. Because the book is done, and I paid for everything in advance, I'm in a fortunate position of not needing to hit a $40,000 goal to put the book out. So if I have a lower goal, like $5000, then if I make a lot more than that, the funding % will be much higher, which I've heard a rumor that that helps the KS algorithm when appearing on their front pages.

Not sure if that's true, but I'm going to see if so. Of course, ideally I'd like to get that $40,000 mark so I break even... ;)

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