Kickstarter Final Hours on Kickstarter! Violet Dawn and the Denizens of Avadnu return


Wow, it has been a looooong time since I posted on here. It's nice to see some familiar faces as I lurked the past few days. As time allows we have been slowly working on a Violet Dawn graphic novel to introduce our setting. After a bunch of personal setbacks and that whole Covid thing, we're finally at the point where the graphic novel is finished and we're ready to try and get this thing printed by launching a Kickstarter on October 25th.


The roots for Violet Dawn are firmly seated in D&D and we have talked about revisiting Denizens of Avadnu on multiple occasions, but we kept putting it off as we wanted to get the graphic novel completed first. For this campaign we are going to be releasing Denizens Reborn-our best monsters from Denizens of Avadnu as picked by Monte Cook himself in Monte Cook Presents The Year's Best d20 as an add on. The carcaetan, ethereal adder, goldencrest, inscriber, kei-ehri, kulumar, madrir, nightmare collector, vacuous engulfer, and warding visage make their triumphant return with all new art from Louis Sollune and updated mechanics for the world's best pen-and-paper role-playing game. We are also doing an update to the xxyth as that was always our most iconic monster and was left out of Year's Best due to space considerations.

We're excited to see how this Kickstarter campaign does and what the future will hold for Violet Dawn and the denizens of Avadnu. Nothing would make me happier than revisiting Avadnu and bringing a setting that we poured so much blood and sweat into to the masses. I have tons of files sitting on my computer still waiting for the right time to be released.... But that is for another time.

For more information on Violet Dawn: Exile, visit: Also be sure to follow us on Twitter over at: where Louis has been posting new art for Inktober. We also have some art from Denizens Reborn coming up in the next few days, so stop on by and don't miss it!
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Bumping this with an update: The campaign is now 50% funded but we're also halfway through, so every pledge continues to matter.

A few more reward highlights:

Backers receive panels and pages of an extra 6-page story via backer updates. (The story will also be included in the finished book.)

Signed editions and limited additions of the hardcover are available (plus a molded metal pin!)

Sketches by the artist.

The original pencilled pages are available for sale as well.


We've got some properly absurd high-end pledges, too, for anyone with lots of money and a passionate desire to support us (or who really wants a gorgeous original piece by our artist, or a one-on-one writing lesson).

The campaign is live with 11 more days at:


Just a quick update:

As of this writing we're more than 90% funded and closing in on our goal with just over six hours left to the campaign. We're so grateful for all the backers and all the support we've received, but if you haven't yet taken a look at our dark fantasy story with fantastic art by Louis Sollune, this may be your last chance.

Find the Kickstarter here:

We have a thread of artwork from Violet Dawn that we have down throughout the years that we are updating on Twitter. See this here:
And sample the first chapter of the book at:

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