Kickstarter Violet Dawn: Exile live on Kickstarter!


We finally venture back to the enigmatic world of Avandu. Our first project is a beautifully illustrated graphic novel by New York Times bestselling author, Alexander Freed (Star Wars: Alphabet Squadron Trilogy, Star Wars: Rogue novelization) and artist Louis Sollune.


The boy Kaszek is guardian of the city of Ayul–a city strangled by tradition within a rocky fastness, sanctuary from the legendary “world beyond.” Blessed with strength and trained for violence, Kaszek is both privileged and burdened, tasked with matters taboo and unclean. As he journeys through alien landscapes and faces soul-eating magic, his kind nature and warrior's instincts will both be put to the test...

We're also re-releasing our best monsters with updated stats for 5th edition. These are all the creatures selected by Monte Cook for his Years Best d20 collection plus the xxyth. More info on 5th edition monsters in the coming weeks. Visit the Kickstarter here: Violet Dawn: Exile

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