Finally saw Tenet (and Nolan films ranked)


My verdict on Tenet: Enjoyable, interesting, but it is no Inception (and it is kind of trying to be). It didn't have the emotional gravitas and lacked the great cast (although still a good caste). And of course, the common complaint: It was overly hard to follow; of the two people I watched it with, one fell asleep and the other had no clue what was going on (both intelligent adults). I kind of followed it, but it hurt my brain to do so.

Anyhow, my Chistopher Nolan list, updated (people were ranking his films in another thread, but I forget which one). I'm including star ranking (out of 5).

  1. Interstellar 5 stars
  2. Inception 5 stars
  3. The Dark Knight 4.5 stars
  4. Dark Night Rises 4 stars
  5. Batman Begins 4 stars
  6. Tenet 3.5 stars
  7. Memento 3.5 stars
  8. The Prestige 3.5 stars
  9. Insomnia 3 stars

Haven't seen: Dunkirk, Following, his earlier films. As I aid in the other thread, I've only seen the last three once, and shortly after they came out, so should probably re-watch them.

The first two are among my top 20 or so films. Dark Knight is probably my second or third favorite superhero film, after Superman and maybe Days of Future Past (it used to be X2, but it is a bit dated at this point and didn't retain the "classic feel" that Superman has).

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I've only seen eight of the eleven films listed by Snarf and here are the correct rankings:

1) The Prestige 5 stars
2) The Dark Knight 5 stars
3) Memento 4.5 stars
4) Batman Begins 4.5 stars

(note: there is a biiiiiig gap between #4 and the remaining titles in the list)

5) The Dark Knight Rises 3 stars
6) Inception 2.5 stars
7) Interstellar 2 stars
8) Dunkirk 2 stars

Honestly, I can hardly even remember anything about Interstellar and Dunkirk they bored me so.


The Elephant in the Room (she/they)
The thing about Nolan is how rarely it is that he's able to fully grasp these things we humans call "emotions". Which is why The Prestige and Inception are his best movies. And also why Interstellar just didn't work at all (to be fair it was originality meant for Spielberg, who probably would've knocked it out of the park). Also, why it's so hard to care about whatever is happening in Tenet (Personal stakes, Chris!)

The Dark Knight Rises is definitely the least film of the trilogy but it is underrated. I thought it was fun, anyway.


Yeah big fan of the Prestige. For me the thing about that movie still holds up. I watch it now, and the acting and the drama are still gripping. With inception....though its a terrific movie, now that I've watched it...I feel like I've seen what I need to see.

I agree that Tenent was an Inception wannabe that just didn't quite hit the mark. It got some cool moments, but the concept is just a bit too hard to follow. Though that war scene at the end when the two sides are fighting each other forward and backwards..... kudos to whoever had to organize that set, there are some really well done moments in that battle.


I actually like Tenet far more than most of the Nolan movies that came before.

Dunkirk is probably my least favorite (pales compared to the earlier version (s) that I've seen).

It may not be my favorite of his, but it's up there. I like that it actually uses brain power to think about.

People rave about Inception, but it's actually not all that cerebral a movie and is not all as deep as some seem to feel it is. It's all pretty blatantly open and it's not one that really seems to have a lot of the tiny details that pop out on a second or third viewing (at least to me). Even Interstellar had more things that you grasp onto at the end of the movie or on a second viewing than Inception (at least for me).


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I haven't seen all his movies. But my ranking would be something like this:
  1. Interstellar (5 stars)
  2. Dunkirk (4.5 stars)
  3. Inception (4 stars)
  4. The Dark Knight (4 stars)
  5. The Prestige (4 stars)
  6. Tenet (3.5 stars)
  7. Memento (3.5 stars)
  8. The Dark Knight Rises (3.5 stars)
  9. Batman Begins (2 stars)
Curiously, I'm disagreeing with many people on this thread. Tenet is very impersonal, but it's by design, there's a reason his protagonist is never named. Also, it's a bit of an unpopular opinion, but Interstellar is my favorite movie. It has some flaws for sure, but I still think it is a masterpiece and probably the best movie I've ever seen. I've watched it at least two dozen times. Dunkirk is amazing too. It doesn't hit the same emotional chords that Interstellar does, but it's audio design is unbelievable and the never ending suspense and tension is unrivalled.


Well, that was fun
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1. The Dark Knight
2. The Dark Rises
3. The Prestige
4. Memento
5. Dunkirk
6. Batman Begins
7. Interstellar
8. Inception

Haven't seen any of the others, I don't think. I think I saw a bit of Insomnia.


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My thing with Nolan flicks is I like them less and less with subsequent viewings. So I try to just watch them once. This is the best way to experience Nolan.

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