Financial Report: The ending year of the Dancing Pixie!


Agudo Archmage

A notice was posted with a fine yellowed parchment saying in bold words.

Agudo School of Light and Magic annual financial report to all benefactors.

The ending year of the Dancing Pixie!

I Agudo Headmaster of the School Light hereby declare the following information to be true and accurate.

The economic benefits were gained through student’s class projects in making Magic Wands, Potions, Rings, Staffs, Robes and a verity of other things.

Most are sold or traded for the following…

Financial Balance…
45000 Silver Coins, 2500 Gold Coins and
3000 Copper coins (All Minted in Baldurs Gate)

200 Emeralds, 88 large cut Diamonds, 153 Star Sapphire,
95 Pearls, 56 Black Opals, 43 Water Opals, 23 Moonbars Gems,
32 Kings Tears, 19 Rogue Stones, 110 Aquamarine Gems, 88 Waterstone gems, 73 Sunstone Gems, 14 Jade Rings, 43 Ruby rings, 5 Angel Rings ,
3 Gold Necklaces, 12 Laerals Tear Necklaces, 4 Pearl Necklaces.

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First Post
*She stares at the parchment with bemused disbelief, then turns and walks away shaking her head.*

"I knew Agudo wasn't fully grounded in reality, but to post this? A school for magic might be attractive in itself as a challenge to a master thief, and now it's plain the reward at the end is worth it!"


Lord Tarran

The great grey wolf is galloping by, as the post catches his eye. He laughs, and shakes his head, turning into the familiar form of the blond hair, blue eyed Tarran. He says:

It looks like the School will need help soon in guarding itself from thieves. Maybe I should offer my guardianship to the Archmage.

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