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5E First taste of Descent into Avernus in Malaysia

Tun Kai Poh

Kai here. This is the report of our first excursion into Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus, Chapter 1, and our first thoughts on the book overall!

Actual Play: Descent into Avernus, Chapter 1

On a personal note, I'm really glad to see our local Adventurers League (leadership team shown above) restarting operations with this new season. It's a Hell of a good time to bring people into the RPG hobby.

Also, how great is this artist Julian Kok from Malaysia eh? He's done work on Saltmarsh and Dungeon of the Mad Mage too.


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Black Lives Matter
That is a seriously good landscape art!

It almost looks like the mountain is a giant hand crawling towards the watchtower in the foreground. Feels very appropriate to what Avernus perceives itself as for the rest of the D&D cosmos.

Tun Kai Poh

Suffice to say Fort Knucklebone is quite aptly named and is full of dangerous fae who might be bargained with for help...adventurers might even be able to acquire a roaring road warrior machine here.

Julian has also done work for Fantasy Flight Games' card games as well as video game concept art. Someone to keep an eye on, I think.

Previously the most famous Malaysian artist in tabletop games that I knew of was X-Wing/Star Wars RPG artist Darren Tan, whom I interviewed at the end of last year...

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