5E FishPirate Games Announces Another Silver Best Seller on DMsGuild



FishPirateGames announces that Adventures by FishPirate - Supplement I: People of Phandalin has reached Silver Best Seller status. This places it in the top 7.16% of products on DMsGuild and joins all four parts of the After Lost Mine adventure series.

DESCRIPTION: Phandalin is a great location from which PCs can adventure. The information in Supplement I: People of Phandalin can be used in conjunction with After Lost Mine, other adventures set in and around Phandalin, or used to add more flavor to any town.

Nine of the NPCs featured in this supplement can be found in Lost Mine of Phandalin and ten others were introduced in After Lost Mine,
but each has added information. The rest of the material here is new.

2 New Backgrounds;
2 New Feats;
3 New Adventure Hooks

About After Lost Mine
Orcs to Phandalin is the first of four parts in the After Lost Mine series and will detail the trip to Phandalin. There are three subsequent adventures: Part II, which details the battle to save the city; Part III, which details the trip to the orc’s cave settlement; and Part IV, detailing the party’s mission to deal with the terror from the Underdark that drove the orcs out of their home.

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