DMs Guild FishPirateGames Announces Release of New Supplement on DMsGuild: Absolutely Overly Detailed Background Generator


FishPirateGames is excited to announce the release of Absolutely Overly Detailed Background Generator.

Creating a background can be one of the most enjoyable and creative parts of role play. This guide provides tables, descriptions, and hints to help you create as simple or as detailed a background as you choose for your characters and/or NPCs. Useful for players and Dungeon Masters, this guide can be modified to your own style of play and setting. Also includes two NPCs created with this guide, and maps and descriptions of locales involving them.

The 30 page manual will be updated to include new options over time. Price is $2.99 at Absolutely Overly Detailed Background Generator - Dungeon Masters Guild | Dungeon Masters Guild.

FishPirateGames is the best selling creator of publications on DMsGuild including the After Lost Mine series, which is set in and around the town of Phandalin after the events of Lost Mine of Phandelver. Parts I to IV and supplements I and III can be found in the After Lost Mine Bundle for $7.49 or individually on DMsGuild with the rest of the publications of FishPirateGames. Designed to takes adventurers from 5th to 9th level, the Bundle include new monsters, backgrounds, feats, weapons, NPCs, tables, adventure hooks, and maps. Combine this product with Supplement II and you have everything you need to prepare for After Lost Mine Part V: Giant Trouble.

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