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Foppish Technocrat
ISRP Version 3.01 is now available.

Hopefully this version should be even easier to find information that you're looking for and shows us the return of the "Who's Online" section on each and every page (just move your mouse over the option).

Also I'm expecting there should be some improvements in chat performance since the overheads on the chat should be lowered a little now sit should be smoother.

Please check it out and report any problems by email, instant messenger or this thread.

And have fun.

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Hm, I think I got a little unimportant bug. You see, the pop-up menus? Essentials, Who's Online, Forums, and all that. Once you.. popped them out, they'll only dissappear if you scroll down to the bottom of them. I mean, move the pointer over all the options downward until you pass the last one. But they'll stay there if you move your pointer to the side, or whatever. It got me quite bugged at first, until I discovered the scroll-down thing I mentioned a moment ago.


Foppish Technocrat
Update: Magically appearing menus should now magically disappear if you select a new menu or if you mouse click anywhere on the page that isn't a menu.

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