Forbidden Lands


The other thing I have on my list (for this game as well as for other OSRish stuff) is too spend a bit more time thinking about path crawls (the Playful Void blog has a nice article on them) since hex crawls slow down gameplay considerably (can be great with a creative GM who has a lot of time at their hands, but for our GM it's also the reason he felt a bit too much pressure to come up with new stuff after 1.5 years of play).
I never found the idea convincing that you walk from hex to hex and find any cave, ruin, or village just by being in the same general 80 km² area. With only a few exceptions, you have to know where to look for something when sites of interest are 6 or 12 miles apart from each other.
Following rivers and old paths to get anywhere seems much more plausible, especially when you're in a forest with no visibility past 50 meters at most. I came up with these ideas how exploring characters could discover new sites to check out closely.

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