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Reset is broken on the latest BETA. It messes up all the cells on the start page. A lot of blanks and ###

+1 on this, across all pages. Importing a character seems to restore everything except that the first level HP is set to 1 instead of max Hit Die.

I see what you mean. Beta 7 has been pulled down and the original link won't work anymore. I'll post an update when it's back on.

Try new link.
I had accidentally linked to an old build in the initial email. The old link is dead now and won't get you far.

Edit: Old link is not dead. To avoid confusion, use this one: goo.gl/G21WTU
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Thanks for the updated version.

I've noticed a couple of issues when I recreated a character using version 7.

1. For the hit points for first level it did not use max hit points, but instead used 1 HP on the "Start" page (reflected with a lower number of HPs elsewhere). Specifically, this was a monk and rather than showing 8 HPs it showed 1 HP (not counting the CON modifier).

2. On Character Sheet II, the color coding does not appear to be working in the "Attuned Magical Items" section.

Thanks for all of the hard work!


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Thanks for the sheets. These are an excellent tool!

Three things I have noticed
1. When selecting "Gith" as a race, both "Githzerai" and "Githyanki" are receiving the benefit of "Decadent Mastery" which should only apply to "Githyanki".
2. "Githyanki" is no longer a selectable subrace under the "Gith" race, the subrace drop down shows "0" in its place.
3. "Gith" is not a selectable langauage

I do also see the issue that blackprince found: 1HP is selected instead of the normal max HP for the first level.


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Beta 7. When 0 is entered into the XP column a 3 appears in Feats box under language giving you 3 more languages. It does this so far with halfling, half orc, or no race selected


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noticed in Beta 6 forgot to mention still in Beta 7. In spell look up on spellcasting page Zephyr Strike pulls up Reference of PHB not Xanathars

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