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Does anyone work on the Forgotten Realms wiki?

I don't but wanted to point out some facts for an update on an entry for anyone who does.

I was reading the 3.5 Serpent Kingdoms and looking some stuff up on the wiki and noted that the Kossuth entry does not include the 3.5 info on what Kossuth was up to in the Time of Troubles, just repeating the 2e Faiths and Avatars and 3.0 Faiths and Pantheons note that he was not seen during the Time of Troubles.

Serpent Kingdoms on pages 37 and 47 reveals that Kossuth manifested an avatar in a firenewt blackguard in the Burning Rift and led a war of conquest against pterafolk during the Time of Troubles.

page 37 "During the Time of Troubles, Kossuth appeared in the Burning Rift beneath the Peaks of Flame and chose a firenewt blackguard named Chassan, overlord of a local tribe, as his avatar. Kossuth/Chassan led the firenewts into a brutal war with the pterafolk of the Chultengar, and the conflict lasted until the Avatar Crisis had ended. Kossuth returned to the planes, leaving the charred corpse of Chassan in his wake, but the god later rewarded Chassan’s loyalty by allowing him to return to his tribe as a deathfl ame (a version of a death knight; see Chassan, below)."

Page 47 "During the Time of Troubles, Chassan served as Kossuth’s avatar. The Flamelord’s divine essence was too much for his mortal form, and all that was left of the firenewt after the god’s departure was a blackened husk. After Kossuth returned to the Elemental Plane of Fire, however, he transformed the charred remains of Chassan into a deathflame. (The deathflame template is the same as the death knight template, except that it can be applied to monstrous humanoids.)"

Also on page 37 "Each firenewt tribe has a golden idol in the shape of Kossuth. Strangely, while most believe that Kossuth is a firenewt made of living flame, the golden idol always resembles a great lizard. (The fact that the firenewts were the last to look upon the god’s form during the Time of Troubles suggests that he might in fact normally assume this shape.) The golden idols of Kossuth vary in size from one tribe to the next. In general, the overlord evenly distributes the gold acquired from raiding among the members of the tribe, although the clerics are normally given the largest portion. Once they have acquired a large enough supply, they melt it down and reforge it into a larger idol of Kossuth.
Fiewnewts also play a role in the greater church of Kossuth. Several hundred years ago, three prominent firenewt mercenary bands approached the human-led branch of the church to offer their services. The Church of Kossuth accepted their help, using them as temple guards as well as escorts for their traveling clergy. This arrangement continued until the firenewts were indoctrinated into the religion as guardians and living examples of Kossuth’s mastery over fire. At that point, they became a much more important aspect of the church. Now a typical temple of Kossuth is protected by more than one hundred firenewts and roughly half that number of giant striders. Some of these firenewts are bred in the church, and others are recruited from the outside. Firenewts wishing to leave may do so freely at any time."

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Probably my all time favorite character, Korbach, whose holy symbol is the one I use for my avatar here on this site, drawn for me by a very nice En Worlder many, many moons ago, has always worshipped Kossuth. The old 2e version from Faiths and Avatars was seriously over powered. Why yes, thank you, I would like to cast fireballs as a cleric spell.

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