Foundation (Asimov) on AppleTV+ Trailer - Are You In or Out?

Are you excited for Foundation?


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  • 2. No.

    Votes: 6 23.1%
  • 3. I have never heard of the series.

    Votes: 2 7.7%
  • 4. I can't tell you. I'm too busy watching superhero shows. Is this a superhero show?

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  • 5. What is AppleTV+?

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Snarf Zagyg

Notorious Liquefactionist
So here it is, coming SEPTEMBER 24-

A bit of background; there was a time that Isaac Asimov's Foundation was so big, so absolutely huge, so really impressive, that ... in 1966, when they gave out a Hugo Award for the best series of all time, Foundation edged out Lord of the Rings.

And now it's coming to AppleTV+.

So I have two thoughts about this (and no, I haven't read the series since ... um ... yeah, I'm not going to say because then I will feel really really old)-

Thought the first-
The original series hasn't aged well. I remember it, and while it was pretty darn good for the time (I was young, it was a long time ago), I never thought that this was the type of awesome series that needed to be put to screen.
Also, while Asimov was a giant back then, his writing while prolific, wasn't ... good.
Finally, there's that ... other thing ... with Asimov.

Thought the second-
AppleTV+ has gone from being a poorly-populated wasteland and joke to ... good? Not great. It doesn't have enough content to be great. But it's kind of like early HBO- it doesn't have much, but what it does have is pretty good. Ted Lasso, Dickinson, Mythic Quest and For All Mankind (to name four programs) are genuinely good to great and would be coveted by any other streamer. IMO. Apple has the budget and the werewithal to make good shows. But then again, budget and desire ain't everything (The Morning Show!).
Also? Lee Pace was awesome in Halt & Catch Fire!!!!!

So what do you think? I put in a poll, and feel free to write in the comments. I mean, I'm feeling mixed on this myself. Is this 30 years too late, or is this a perfect idea for now?

PS- I also found this:
In pitching the series to Apple, David S. Goyer (Man Of Steel, Blade, The Dark Knight) condensed the elaborate story into one sentence: “It’s a 1,000-year chess game between Hari Seldon and the Empire, and all the characters in between are the pawns, but some of the pawns over the course of this saga end up becoming kings and queens.” His vision for the series spans a potential 80-hour story spread across 8 seasons. source

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Well, that was fun
Staff member
Will give it a go. Liked the books when I read them as a kid, but I don’t know whether it will work well as a tv show. Still, I’m optimistic, and I’d like a new sc fi show to get into.


Game Designer
I'm a big fan of Jared Harris. I tend to love every project he participates in. Big fan of Foundation too. No way I'm not watching that.

I think Foundation was written in a certain style. If you read other types of books he has written, like Caves of Steel or The End of Eternity (my personal favorite), his writing is less jarring and I would say quite good (I don't think Foundation is poorly written, but there are vast sections of time being dealt with and I found some of those jumps really popped out a bit: I think Arthur C. Clarke was better at that kind of thing than Asimov personally, like in Childhood's End, but that is just my opinion).

I did love the foundation series though. The premise was very interesting and I like Asimov's handling of stuff like history. This show interests me but I can't justify another streaming service (seems like every company is trying to lure me with one or two shows). Lately I am just content to read and enjoy the things I like, not follow things coming out on streaming services. Also I do tend to agree with the OP's point that Foundation doesn't scream movie or TV adaptation. It deals a lot with ideas and those might not translate well into a visual story.


Foundation is an odd series, in that it's based upon a concept that Asimov clearly has less and less belief in as the series goes on. It is good, though, and I loved the stories when I was growing up.

I'm just not convinced it's well suited to television, and the trailer doesn't really dissuade me of that.


Well, that was fun
Staff member
Maybe the best thing on TV right now.

For All Mankind is good.
The Morning Show is good.
I've heard good things about Mythic Quest.
Oh yes, Mythic Quest is excellent! Anybody who liked Silicon Valley will like that.

I haven't tried For All Mankind yet.

Definitely interested in this. I got 1 and a half year free Apple TV+ subscription that I let run out, but when Foundation comes out or latest when the new For All Mankind season begins I will probably resubscribe.

Judging by the trailer and the responses to the trailer, a lot of fans will probably hate it due to the "liberties" it will take with the contents of the novel, but as other pointed out - the original writing doesn't really hold up that well. Some changes could be good. It's a different medium and a different age.


New Publisher
I'm hoping they take liberties, for sure. Just better than GoT the last two years.....(admittedly, there was some great stuff there).


Jared Harris + the Pieman from Pushing Daisies + a budget equal to the GDP of a small, developing nation. I’m in!

Also, if you subscribe to Apple TV+ check out For All Mankind. I think it’s the best thing on TV (or in the cloud, whatever…).


Well, that was fun
Staff member
Yeah, thinking about it, Apple has Mythic Quest, Morning Show, For All Mankind, Ted Lasso, and now Foundation.

Compared to Netflix it's winning for me right now. Though when new Star Trek stuff comes out it'll be a strong contender.

Amazon has Clarkson's Farm. Can't think of anything else I've watched on it recently. LotR is next year?

Disney+ has had some must-see live action Star Wars and Marvel stuff, but I'm not into all the cartoons, and I'm not sure when there's a new live action thing.

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