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5E Free D&D Adventure from Kobold Press

Kobold Press is giving away Prepared!, a free adventure for D&D as part of its "Safer at Home with Kobold Press" initiative. Just head to their website and use the coupon SaferAtHomeWeek2.



Just because our kobolds are keeping safe doesn't mean we can't still play together!

Each week, we'll be sharing FREE content to bring a little adventure and joy to your days while quarantined! Last week, we shared colorful video conferencing backgrounds from various Midgard locations. You'll want to prepare yourself for this week's freebie!

That's right! Prepared! For 5th Edition is FREE when you use the coupon code: SaferAtHomeWeek2! This PDF offers a dozen fantastic one-shot adventures for when you need to fill the gap in a major campaign arc or welcoming new and old players to the 5th edition of the world's first roleplaying game!

So, your players went off on a tangent?
A Dozen 5th Edition One-Shot Adventures for Levels 1 to 15

Never fear—Prepared! offers GMs quick solutions to keep the game moving and players entertained, while you figure out your next move. Here are short, one-shot adventures
for every environment, including:

  • An alien factory where victims are drained of their essence and transformed into ethereal horrors
  • An abandoned alchemical lab where one inhuman assistant got left behind
  • The sky literally falling, right in front of the adventurers
  • Goblins who’ve built a most unusual “fortress” in a roadside ditch
  • A mysterious stone terrace rising up out of the snow, with an ancient machine glinting from the topmost level.
  • ..and much more, lavishly illustrated with maps by Meshon Cantrill!
With Prepared!, designer Jon Sawatsky has created dozens of 5th Edition fantasy scenarios ready to use in any fantasy campaign setting, at a variety of PC levels. Never be caught without a plot again!

These adventures feature monsters from the core 5th Edition MM and from the Tome of Beasts.
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Russ Morrissey



Well, that was fun
Staff member
This is the link on their website. Site seems to be slow though, and I can't get it to load.


Marc Radle

Hey everyone!

Our Safer At Home FREEBIES launched last Monday with 10 awesome free video conferencing backgrounds. As many of you discovered, it's been WAAAAY more popular than we expected, and our server took a hit yesterday, when free copies of Prepared! for 5th Edition first went up.

The tech kobolds seem to have things more or less running smoothly again (fingers crossed!), so please check out last week's and this week's Safer At Home FREEBIES from Kobold Press. And be sure to check back each Monday for a NEW Safer At Home Freebie!

Free Video Conferencing Backgrounds

Free Midgard Video Conferencing Backgrounds

Prepared! for 5th Edition

Marc Radle
Art Director | Kobold Press

Warlock Patreon
Kobold Press is creating the darkly fantastical 5th Edition Warlock booklets | Patreon


I got right in and the code worked. The only thing is that they want all your personal information. Great if you have already given them that.

Theo R Cwithin

I cast "Baconstorm!"
I got right in and the code worked. The only thing is that they want all your personal information. Great if you have already given them that.
Since I already have an Amazon account, I checked out using the Amazon Pay option. Aside from needing a password to create the new KP account, that method worked fine-- and no need for typing in billing info.

Eyes of Nine

Everything's Fine
Oh! There is a map pack! Got it!
Are you talking the VTT map pack? Or a different one?



I crit!
Are you talking the VTT map pack? Or a different one?

Yea the vtt map pack. I have a large format printer, two of them in fact. And I was also thinking of using them outside d20 or fantasy grounds.

Tyler Do'Urden

Soap Maker
Prepared! is a great anthology - heck, I can't think of a bad adventure anthology that Kobold has produced (Midgard Tales is my personal favorite - that's got some real epics in it. If you're running Pathfinder or willing to convert- I've converted a few to 5E and they were a blast).

Of course, would you expect anything less from Dungeon Magazine's editor? :)

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NOW LIVE! 5 Plug-In Settlements for your 5E Game