Free League Announces New Releases for Dragonbane and Vaesen

Free League made two announcements this past week, a release date for the Vaesen adventure The Lost Mountain Saga and pre-orders for the Dragonbane Bestiary.


The Lost Mountain Saga will (appropriately for the Nordic Horror RPG) come out on Halloween, October 31. The campaign is based on the podcast of the same name by Ellinor DiLorenzo, who also designed the adventure book and expanded the five included Mysteries. The book is illustrated by artists Johan Egerkrans and Anton Vitus. From the press release:

Vaesen: The Lost Mountain Saga includes:


Mysterious accidents plague the Swedish mining town of Falun, and a pious man takes it upon himself to get to the bottom of the problem - which he is convinced is the result of moral depravity and witchcraft. But something far more wicked is luring in the dark caverns.

The University of Upsala is hosting an exclusive ball rumored to reveal something that will shake the scientific community to its core. But in the midst of all the excitement, there are alarming reports that the Asylum is getting overcrowded due to an unexplained uptick in admitted patients.

An island off the coast of northern Norway is in distress, and all previous rescue attempts have failed. As winter approaches, the authorities hire a team of experts to discover the truth. What follows is one of the most dangerous missions the Society has ever embarked upon.

The ancient spring celebration of Valborg is close, eager to enchant those who participate. But within the rich history of the surrounding forests of the celebration, secrets are waiting to be uncovered.

An ancient stone has been discovered in the dark caves of the Abisko region in the north of Sweden. Protected for thousands of years by creatures no longer walking this earth, these sacred stones were never meant to be found. However, as is the nature of human curiosity and greed, exploitation soon begins with little regard for potential risks or consequences.

The hardcover is available for pre-order now on Free League’s website for 398.00kr (US$36.26, £29.73) and includes immediate access to the pre-order.


Free League also opened pre-orders for the Dragonbane Bestiary for the newest edition of the classic Swedish fantasy RPG. From the press release:

Oh, will no good deed go unpunished? I suppose time will tell, but right now things are looking bleak indeed. I have wandered, ridden, climbed, crawled, and swum all over this earth; I have spoken with all manners of creatures, observed, analyzed, and recorded almost everything worth knowing about the people and beings of the world. And yet here I am, unthanked and crouched in a godforsaken crevice, hunted by several of the creatures that I’ve graciously included in my catalog. How astoundingly rude!

– Theodora Sneezewort, one of a kind

From cat people to chimeras, fairies to frog people, hippogriffs to hydras, and many more – creatures both wondrous and horrifying are coming! We are happy to announce the upcoming Bestiary for our recently released fantasy RPG Dragonbane.

Pre-order the Dragonbane Bestiary here

The Bestiary includes no less than 63 creatures, each brought to life in text and art, as well as a random encounter and a seed for a complete adventure. Among these fantastic beings, there are nine new playable kin included, each with their own unique ability.

The full-color hardcover book is gloriously illustrated by the artists Johan Egerkrans and David Brasgalla. The book will be available both in a standard edition and in a premium Collector's Edition, with a faux leather cover and gold foil print.

The Bestiary will be released alongside a complete cardboard Standee Set for the creatures in the Bestiary for use on a battle map, available separately.


The hardcover is available in a standard edition for 398.00 kr (US$36.26, £29.73), a faux-leather collector’s edition for 698.00 kr (US$63.59, £52.12), the carboard standee set for 228.00 kr (US$20.77, £17.03), and as a bundle with both for the standard edition for 598.00 kr (US$54.48, £44.67) and the collector’s edition bundle for 898.00 kr (US$81.82, £67.09).

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Darryl Mott

Darryl Mott

Free League does such a great job on all of there products I have to force my self not to invest in each of the game lines.

Part of me wishes they had less lines, so I would get more T2k boxes, the other part of me that has to budget is glad they don't.

It takes a daily will save not to buy all the Aliens stuff.


A suffusion of yellow
Still waiting and hoping for Free League to announce a new version of Vaesen (ideally set in Vienna) that covers Central Europe.
or Prague

Then spread out to the rest of Europe - Balkans, Eastern, Iberia

I like the look of the adventures in the The Lost Mountain Saga


Bruce Baugh, Writer of Fortune
Austria-Hungary and environs would be awesome for Vaesen. If I had a lot more health, I’d do it up as community content.

Session 1: Welcome to Vienna!

Session 35: So we’re agreed, the real solution to these problems in the eastern provinces is assassinating the Czar….

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